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Ok, new short term Hyip.

XAU-USDWeb page
Launched at Wednesday, August 29

Welcome to XAU-USD.COM From a long time ago keeping savings in gold, is one of the most reliable methods, especially when it comes to economic crisises and recession. We specialize on gold trading on Forex market. Trends doesn’t really make sense for us, we win on any trends even if gold is falling.

Investment offer:

  • 104.00% After 1 day, Minimum: $10
  • 113.00% After 3 days, Minimum: $10
  • 137.00% After 8 days, Minimum: $10

Withdraw type: Manual, SSL, Payment methods: Liberty Resrve, Perfect Money
Discussions: MMG DTM

Provider info

NS servers: NS1.1000DNS.NET NS2.1000DNS.NET NS3.1000DNS.NET

Hosting IP: country: Ukraine, city:

Hosting provider: FOP Litvinenko Sergey Nikolaevich (234 hyips)

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