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DOB Funds

Today started new short term hyip.

DOB FundsWeb page
Launch date: Wednesday, May 30

Naturally, you would ask:"Why should we trust you?" OK, I would like to introduce ourselves. In fact, we are a group of experienced V.C. investment operators and we have been in the industry of Forex and Securities for over 12 years. Some of us are network experts, and have good sense about the Internet!

Investment offer:

  • 21.50% Daily, Minimum: $1, Period 6 days
  • 23.00% Daily, Minimum: $11, Period 6 days
  • 25.50% Daily, Minimum: $251, Period 6 days

Withdraw method: Manual, Payment methods: Liberty Resrve, Perfect Money

Hosting info

Registrar: ENOM, INC.

Hosting IP: country: United States, city: San Diego

Hosting provider: Limestone Networks (47 hyips)

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